Frequently Asked Questions

Who can download high resolution images from the web site?

Only GLP Art Directors with access can download high resolution images. If a client wants an image they will need to contact GLP. High resolution images are blocked from general users.

Can I upload images for more than one publication at a time?
(Ex: Something posted for Fall/Winter Calendar of Events that may also be applicable for another publication)

If there are multiple publications that an image can be used in, please check all of the appropriate boxes for the publication names when uploading the image.

I have uploaded an image but do not see it as an option in the library?

Images are reviewed & released by a GLP Art Director, if the image was not suitable for any reason (image quality, size, content) that image will not be released as an option, therefore the image will not be viewable. Please contact the publication Art Director or Project Manager if you feel that an image was removed in error, or for more clarification about why an image was removed.

Why aren’t there deadlines posted for each project for the publications?

Deadlines really don’t exist because GLP will let people upload all year long. We will get to a point where we will not limit them—but encourage them. Once an image is uploaded it is on the site until a GLP Art Director removes it. If there are usage limitations—those should be stated up front in the notes portion when uploading the image.

How will I get paid, if I was contracted for images?

Invoices will not be processed until the publication goes to print for print publications, or live date for web publications. GLP will send payment out within 30 days of the submission of an invoice. Please contact your Art Director for print or live dates.

Please contact your art director or spark@glpublishing.comfor stock image pricing and artist agreement policy.

How will I know if my image was used?

An art director will send the photographer an e-mail no more than one week after the files go to print or the images go live to alert them of image usage and size so an invoice can be submitted for payment.

>>> It is only possible to upload one image at a time, hit submit, then repeat for each image. Please do not upload logos, or any other type of files except jpegs. Please do not use any of the following characters in your filename: !@#$%^&*()+=?><“’~-:;/|{}[]\